A downloadable game

Mimix is a upcoming action-adventure platformer featuring only the best of the classics that have inspired it. Rediscover the fun and simple time honored gameplay by playing alone or cooperatively with up to 4 friends. Impersonate your way through the world's many obstacles and rediscover the lost art of Mimicry!

Inspirations for Mimix include Kirby, Mario, Megaman, Donkey Kong, Sonic and Final Fantasy Tactics.


  • Pixel Art Graphics
  • Up to 4 player simultaneous coop
  • Drop in / drop out arcade style gameplay
  • 8+ Job Classes
  • 50+ Challenging Levels
  • Boss battles
  • Diverse cast of enemies
  • Native support for all gamepads and controllers

Mimix is still in development and you can follow the progress on Twitter, Facebook and Steam

Status: Mimix development is currently on hiatus in favor of finishing some smaller projects.